Medications and surgery may no longer be needed to stop frequent urinating during the night in men.

Promising new results from the Wesley Medical Imaging P-EASY Trial
Follow up data

Exciting new results from the Australian first trial at Wesley Medical Imaging on prostate artery embolisation demonstrates significant reduction in the number of times men have to get up in the middle of the night to urinate. The average number of times participants were being forced to wake up during the night to pass urine before embolisation was 3.1 times, and this fell to 0.75 times after treatment.

An impressive 90% of men who had severe urinary symptoms prior to embolisation reduced the urge to urinate during the night to only once or not at all.

Another promising outcome of the P-EASY trial found that the majority of men with severe urinary symptoms from an enlarged prostate no longer required medications after embolisation.

Dr Nick Brown and Dr Duncan Walker were delighted to find 6 out of 7 men with catheter dependent urinary retention could pass urine without the assistance of a catheter and avoided surgical intervention.