MRI safetySAFETY and PATIENT CARE are our priority at Unitingcare Medical Imaging

A recent event:

A patient became quite unwell during his scan at Wesley Medical Imaging recently. Quick thinking, highly skilled nursing staff and the availability of specialised equipment saved this man’s life. The patient’s heart stopped beating and required urgent medical lifesaving treatment.  He was fortunate to have been in a department equipped with a video Laryngoscope, competent staff and was stabilised quickly.

Safety is paramount at Unitingcare Medical Imaging clinics. We employ more nurses than any other private radiology clinics in Brisbane. Twenty-six highly qualified registered nurses work across our two Brisbane based clinics. Consequently they are able to respond to patient situations quickly and skilfully. Our nurses work closely with our technical staff and radiologists ensuring the patient is safe, comfortable and supported throughout their entire visit.

On occasions, particular imaging may require a general anaesthetic or sedation. UCMI employ a number of specially trained adult and paediatric anaesthetic nurses and as a result enables us to safely perform cases requiring anaesthesia . Often young children undergoing an MRI may require an anaesthetic and as a result we offer regular paediatric MRI lists to cater for this need.

Specialist nurses add to the capabilities of our clinics from managing common imaging procedures to high-end procedural interventions. Together our nurses bring combined skills, experience and commitment providing lifesaving saving treatments and diagnoses in a safe environment while enhancing patient care as a whole.