Minimally invaVaricose Veins - Casesive treatment
for varicose veins

Unitingcare Medical Imaging (UCMI) has launched a new varicose veins treatment service incorporating the latest endovascular techniques. Highly skilled radiologists at our St Andrew’s and Wesley clinics use a minimally-invasive approach to treat symptomatic veins with either thermal ablation or non-thermal adhesives.

UCMI Vascular and Interventional Radiologist Dr Aidan Callinan, who has specialist training in this area, said the endovascular approach was highly beneficial to patients.

The ultrasound guided treatment is minimally-invasive and furthermore the patient won’t require general anaesthetic. Performed as a day case, the treatment is quick and requires very little downtime. In addition they show excellent long-term effectiveness for symptomatic varicose veins.

Varicose Vein Trial

As part of Unitingcare Medical Imaging’s commitment to research, the centre is conducting a randomised trial for varicose vein treatments. The comparison will involve the application of thermal ablation (Radiofrequency or Laser ablation) to a new non-thermal treatment (VenaSeal). Thermal treatments apply heat to the inside of the vein and hence cause the vein to close down. Non-thermal treatments use glue to achieve the same result. A Nine News report, aired late last month, demonstrated the new non-thermal procedure and presented successful outcomes with little downtime for the patient.

Patient-centred outcomes will be the primary focus of the study. The treatment option for varicose veins favoured by patients will be evaluated. In a world-first, recruitment will include patients with unilateral or bilateral symptomatic varicose veins. Including bilateral treatments in addition to unilateral treatments will allow for randomised comparisons of the modalities by individual patients.

“We hope to improve patients’ experiences with varicose veins treatment whilst maintaining the most technologically advanced treatment methods,” Dr Callinan said.

At Unitingcare Medical Imaging booking a consultation with a specialist Interventional Radiologist will require referral from  a GP or specialist.

If you have a suitable candidate or would like further information on the trial please contact Wesley Medical Imaging on 07 3371 9588.