Unitingcare Medical Imaging is a recognised centre of excellence for prostate imaging and care, and has a long-standing commitment to supporting ground-breaking research in this area.

UnitingcareMedical Imaging (UMI) is proud to announce a major advance in the treatment of benign prostate enlargement with the approval of Australia’s first clinical trial in prostate artery embolization.

The trial is supported by an integrated clinical program between urology and radiology at Unitingcare Medical Imaging.

WMI is currently the only site in Queensland performing prostate artery embolization as a treatment for prostate enlargement within a clinical trial.

Urinary obstruction

Symptomatic benign prostatic enlargement typically occurs in men over 50 years, with frequent obstructive urinary symptoms such as hesitancy, decreased urinary stream, sensation of incomplete emptying, night-time urinations, frequency and urgency. Various medications can decrease the severity of the symptoms secondary to BPH, but surgical resection of the prostate through the urethra is the traditional method of management.

Prostate Artery Embolisation

The “P-EASY” trial introduces a new treatment for BPH at Unitingcare Medical Imaging called prostate artery embolisation (PAE). PAE has been trialled successfully overseas, and P-EASY will assess the safety and effectiveness of this procedure in Queensland. PAE is a minimally invasive, low risk procedure that is performed through a 5mm cut in the groin. PAE uses very small catheters to inject microscopic beads that block the arteries supplying blood to the prostate. This shrinks the prostate gland and reduces the pressure on the bladder, which relieves urinary symptoms.

Patients can be referred by their GPs or urologists to WMI for a consult and imaging work-up to assess suitability for PAE.

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