Cancer patients can live longer with minimally invasive internal radiation therapy that destroys liver tumours. Selective Internal Radiation Therapy SIRT, involves injecting millions of tiny radioactive microspheres into the bloodstream directly to the tumour. They are then trapped in small vessels and cause radiation damage to the liver tumours.

“When disease gets into the liver it is often the cause of death. Delaying progress in the liver means the patients live longer,” says Dr Walker from Unitingcare Medical Imaging.

SIRT can be used as a first, second or even third line of treatment and is a technique that is applicable to a wide range of liver tumours.

Very few liver cancers don’t respond to this treatment. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a metastatic or malignant tumour- any tumour in the liver will respond to this.

Dr Duncan Walker the senior Interventional Radiologist at Wesley Medical Imaging along with his colleagues has performed more than 660 treatments at the Wesley Hospital in the past 15 years.

Wesley Medical Imaging works closely with oncologists from Queensland, Northern Territory and New Zealand and is one of the few private or public facilities to provide this treatment option.