First private fully Digital PET/CT in Australia.

UCMI today builds on it’s history of firsts in PET/CT imaging. Mr Mark Chard was the first patient to be scanned on Australia’s only private Digital PET/CT installed in  the Wesley Hospital, Auchenflower this week.

Game changer in PET Imaging

PET/CT team with Digital PET scanner

Mr Chard and the Advanced PET Imaging Department team

Digital PET is a game-changer when compared to traditional analogue PET/CT currently in use. UCMI’s investment into digital PET/CT will allow our clinicians to produce imaging with superior resolution and sharpness while simultaneously significantly reducing radiation dose to the patients. The implementation of this machine at the Wesley Hospital will have particular benefit for our cancer patients as the higher resolution imaging will allow earlier detection of cancer progression and re-occurrence.

Wesley Medical Imaging was the first private facility to offer a PET service in Australia and is recognised as the premium PET provider in Brisbane,  Upgrading to a digital PET scanner at Wesley Medical Imaging will decrease wait times for cancer patients, provide superior image quality whilst minimising patient discomfort.

The Advanced PET Imaging Department  at the Wesley Hospital  is headed by A/Pro David Wong, He and his team of experienced and innovative Radiologists have been at the forefront of PET imaging for almost 20 years. The growth in the service and the development of new PET based scans demands the most up to date technology .This new technology will allow the department to expand it’s capabilities into developing and utilising emerging new PET tracers.