Cardiac Health Screening

Calcium Scoring

Last weekend ’s article in Brisbane’s Courier Mail’s Body and Soul magazine has once again highlighted coronary artery calcium (CAC) scoring as one of the most important preventative health tests available. A CAC score shows the level of calcified plaque in the arteries.  This provides an accurate indicator for those most at risk of a cardiac event.

Specialist Cardiac Imaging

As dedicated cardiac imaging sites, WMI and SAMI are highly regarded as experts in Cardiac Imaging with specialist onsite Radiologist Dr. Katrina Newbigin who completed her cardiac imaging fellowship in Ottawa, Canada in 2014. Dr. Newbigin oversees all cardiac imaging protocols performed at our clinics.

Coronary Artery Calcium Scoring assesses the risk of a heart attack by looking at calcium levels in your coronary arteries safely and in a matter of seconds. Aquillion One CT scanners are in both WMI and SAMI clinics. These machines are the latest generation heart CT scanners available. This allows low radiation dose scanning and can image the heart in a single beat. Such rapid scanning permits superior accuracy of calcium score results particularly in patients with high heart rates.

As comprehensive, hospital-based radiology clinics, WMI and SAMI are able to offer further investigations if required. If a patient has a particularly high calcium score the option is available to proceed to a  CT coronary angiogram (CTCA) to further outline coronary artery disease. Managed on site are all components of  CT coronary angiogram, including administration of heart rate lowering medications. Our clinics are staffed with highly trained registered nurses to provide patients essential clinical care when undergoing any form investigation.

A Calcium Score CT scan does not require an appointment at WMI or SAMI. The only preparation for the scan is no caffeine and caffeine products for four hours prior.

For further information contact our clinics on 3371 9588.