MRI rebates for Sunshine Coast Residents

Bulk Billed MRI scans from 8 March 2019

Buderim Private Medical Imaging is excited to announce the successful outcome in their campaign and has been awarded a new full Medicare Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) licence from the Federal Government.

What does this mean for Sunshine Coast Residents?

The approval of an MRI licence will allow Buderim Private Medical Imaging (BPMI) to bulk bill all Medicare funded MRI scans following final government approval. The granting of this much-needed licence to BPMI is fantastic news for both the patients of Buderim Private Hospital and the Sunshine Coast community as a whole.

BPMI will now be in the position to provide patients with highly affordable access to superior quality MRI scans locally on the Sunshine Coast. This will particularly benefit inpatients of Buderim Private Hospital who will no longer face expensive out of pocket costs when urgent MRI scans are necessary during their stay.

About BPMI at Buderim Private Hospital

BPMI is one of five clinics in the UnitingCare Medical Imaging (UCMI) radiology group, first established at the Wesley Hospital. UCMI prides itself on investing in superior software technology and machinery and hence BPMI offers one of the most advanced MRI services on the Sunshine Coast.

After four years in operation, it brings us great pleasure to finally be able to offer our advanced MRI service to the community without any out of pocket cost.


A unified campaign to reduce imaging costs for Sunshine Coast patients

The awarding of a full MRI licence to Buderim Private Medical imaging is the result of a long combined campaign by UCMI, The Buderim Private Hospital, local MP Mr Ted O’Brien, but most importantly the support of patients and the local community. We would like to thank everyone for their help and commitment to making this a reality.

Bulk Billed MRI services will be available for all outpatient and inpatients of the Buderim Private Hospital from 8 March 2019.